Alpha Male Fuckers is essentially a DVD studio run by porn-star couple Carlo Cox and Trojan Rock. Men from their 20s on into their 40s are who we see, with a main focus on masculine, muscular, mature and rugged looking men. Many big name gay porn stars made their bones on Alpha Males, while some help to keep it alive. Well-hung studs such as Harley Everett, Conner Habib and Paddy O’Brian certainly have helped shape the reputation Alpha Male Fuckers has acquired. The action at Alpha Males ranges from solo masturbation scenes to duos and all-out trios and group ass fucking shoots. Many of the latter are bareback and hardcore. The men here aren’t afraid to stick their face right into a man hole, eat it, fuck it and hell, some even fist fuck their bottoms.

Alpha Male Fuckers currently offers up 220 videos, all of which are available for streaming only. Some folks may not like that, but the quality is quite good and that means the entertainment is as well. Carlo and Trojan know how to shoot gay porn well, having been in the business for several years themselves. That shows in the videos. Especially the latest ones.

At this point, it looks as though Alpha Male Fuckers is updating once per month. Or at least, this is what the dates on the last 4 videos added to the site suggest. That could be a downfall for some people. Still, there are 3 options available for streaming, with the best quality shown at 1218×684. This resolution really captures the action well, especially when it comes to close-up cock-in-ass moments.

Each of the 220 videos inside Alpha Male Fuckers comes with a set of digital stills, which capture the action quite well. They don’t seem to be too repetitive either. Which is nice. The highest quality images are sized at 1066×1600, with a slideshow being available for viewing, as well as full-set zip files for download. There are anywhere from 10 to 100 images per set.

Alpha Male Fuckers is not your average gay porn site. Many of the men are exclusive, as a matter of fact, simply because there aren’t a lot of sites where they would fit in. We find this enticing in regard to Alpha Males’ appeal. Masculine men, after all, are still quite sought after. Together with some very hot scenarios, including fetish play, some fisting, leather and other erotic settings, the men and activity inside Alpha Male Fuckers does represent something somewhat unique and hard-on inspiring.

For those interested, Alpha Male Fuckers also offers 250 bonus, behind-the-scenes videos, as well as 14 video feeds. This may sweeten the pot for some, along with the 220 exclusive videos available for streaming. It’s a good amount of porn and while the sites doesn’t seem to update a whole lot, what they do add is always enough to bring off those who love masculine, fetish-loving, ass pounding studs. Alpha Male Fuckers may be worth a try.