ChaosMen has got to be one of the best sites out there for all the pretty boys doing the naughty things we’re always thinking about. ChaosMen isn’t one of those overpriced and sleezy sites where they take just any desperate model off the street and then film them in someone’s basement apartment with a $40 camera. The shoots and videos are top quality, clean, and super-hot. ChaosMen’s motto of “Disrupt Your Day” is indeed befitting of a site that provides the perfect homoerotic diversion we all need from time to time (or better yet, every day!). ChaosMen provides just the perfect break for your attention span when the need for male action overtakes both heads.

The first impression that you’ll undoubtedly get is just how unbelievably hot all of the models are. It’s a delicious assault to the senses to open up just one page and see so many different models and all of them positively mouthwatering. Whether your taste is frat boy, exotic Latino, or leather top, you’ll find each and every one of them exquisite. The models’ bios are especially intriguing with their in-your-face pics and sultry gazes into the camera. They’re all obscenely photogenic with some nice little backstories to stimulate your curiosity and libido. Anton is a personal favorite (and the site’s, too) with his schoolboy good looks and perfect cock. He would make anyone weak in the knees and soon to be on them sucking his glorious rod. Joss is another one sure to produce a rock-hard reaction. While he identifies as straight, one can’t imagine a more perfect fantasy than seducing him into a raging hard-on and some experimental boy play with subsequent liquid fireworks. A lot of sites have a ton of the predictable “gay for pay” guys that just try too damn hard to make it look like they walk the other side of the street. But ChaosMen comes right out and introduces a lot of their models as straight, which of course makes them all that much more capable of us needing to rearrange our khakis. The bios tease members with the “will he or won’t he” questions of whether or not some of these “straight shooters” are game for swordplay at some point down the road. We’ll be sure to stay tuned to find out!

The videos are no less cock-stirring than the photo sets. The 30 second preview downloads are a great perk, as are the still photo trailers for the vids so that you’ll know at a glance if any given video is what you’re in the mood for at the moment. There’s a great selection of both romantic, seductive type story lines and some fairly hardcore discipline scenarios. Although you’ll be in the mood for all of them at some point, because they’re all so well done. The story lines are there to make the fantasy, but not so convoluted and ridiculous as to detract from the XXX action of big veiny cocks, rippling torsos, firm asses, inviting buttholes and an overall masculine frenzy. The solo scenes are just as hot as the couple and group scenes, probably because it’s so easy to tell that the guys love their “work” and are all very into pleasuring themselves and letting us watch.

Now that we’ve established the top tier quality of the pics and vids, let’s talk about the navigation and overall experience. The backstory of the site and how they make it all come together each week is entertaining on a personal level, and makes the member feel right at home in this obvious labor of love. It’s evident that they care about their member’s pleasure and erotic imagination. ChaosMen is also quite practical in its layout, with anything you want just one or two clicks away (unlike some of those other sites where you practically need a damn GPS just to find out how to troubleshoot tech issues and whatnot). The sorting features are also helpful, such as Most Viewed or Highest Rated.

The keyword search feature is especially helpful, especially if you have a hankering for one particular model or category (e.g., ethnicity, bondage, tattoos, hairy). While it’s always fun to surf through hundreds of pics of guys we want to see in compromising (and very limber) positions, sometimes we just want to get straight to the inclination of the moment, and ChaosMen provides just that convenience. As for extra features, members now have the option to chat and maybe even occasionally play live with the models on cam. You’ll have to stay up on their Twitter feeds and Periscope for the scheduling, but it will be well worth your efforts. ChaosMen will even archive the cam shows if you can’t make it live. Also, they constantly are adding new material to their store, and it’s all top quality new stuff or scorching hot vintage, and all at more than reasonable prices.

This testosterone-laden site will appeal to both its new and longtime loyal members. While this site is obviously marketed towards gay males, it will also provide a great deal of masturbatory material for straight women (these guys are smoking hot and hung like horses) and even the bi-curious male looking for a little something-something to heat up his screen time after too many hours of straight vanilla porn. Isn’t it time to add a little chaos to your life?