Icon Male went live in 2016 and has developed a decent sized video and image set library since. They feature men of all different kinds, from twinks to hunks and well-known porn stars. The scenes containing interesting storylines, with the videos laid out more like blockbuster movies, rather than typical porn scenes. From clean-cut lads and studs to more rough-around-the-edges types, Icon Male looks to please everyone when it comes to a variety of men. All are certainly good looking, so they take efforts to choose their models appropriately. Sexual chemistry and quality of action and production is what they’re all about, and they do a good job of it too.

Passion is the main entree on the Icon Male menu, with tons of making out, dick gobbling and man hole fucking. These guys love playing with ass too, and they certainly aren’t afraid of each other’s cum. The videography is very well done, so fans of closeup cock-in-ass action won’t be disappointed here. For those who prefer a bit of kink thrown into the sexual mix, uniforms, role playing and even some rough fucking can be found inside Icon Male. The sexual chemistry is smoking hot 9 times out of 10 in the scenes, bringing members fantastic gay porn in high definition quality.

It’s rather difficult not to notice the professionalism of the videography of the scenes filmed for Icon Male. From the lighting to the sets to the camera work, everything is top shelf. Icon Male has done a good job of increasing it’s video and image set catalog since it first went live last year. Their current collection includes 230 videos, all downloadable and available for streaming in a browser. The highest quality video scenes come at a size of 1920×1080 and an average bitrate of about 6 Mbps. Filmed in 4k quality, the result members have access to is nothing short of stellar. There are also 6 other available downloads, including WMV formatted videos at a size of 720×400.

Members of Icon Male also have access to 535 image sets, which conist of high resolution digital stills at a size of 1280×1920. Representing the video scenes, these images are of fantastic quality and capture the action very well. The image sets are made of up anywhere from 35 to over 200 images. I didn’t find them repetitive. Members may download the image sets in zip files, save them individually and/or view them in a slideshow.

Icon Male used to update with two videos every week, however, that has slowed down to once per week. That being said though, four updates per month is still something to look forward to. Most sites only update twice per month. Furthermore, the action is fantastic, as are the men and the storylines. Getting lost in sexual fantasies inside Icon Male isn’t difficult in the least.

There are a few issues I found with Icon Male. First, there is a pre-checked offer on the signup page. It needs to be un-checked in order for new members not to be billed for extras they aren’t looking for. Also, the trial memberships are limited.

Icon Male offers it’s members great quality porn, including some of the hottest men in the business today. They aren’t shy about putting on the best performances possible and many of them can actually act. Given the storylines and the context in which the scenes are offered, that is definitely a good thing. Icon Male could be exactly what you might be looking for. With regular updates and a lot of porn to keep forever, and no DRM restrictions on how often, nor how long one can get off on it for, the price could very much be worth it.