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Indeed, Circle Jerk Boys stopped updating regularly back in 2014. Which to some folks may be a shame. However, there are 542 videos to take advantage of, all being exclusive and available for download and streaming. The best quality videos are sized at 1920×1080 at a bitrate of about 7Mbps. Older videos are smaller, of course. The action is captured well in all the videos though and it is obvious that Circle Jerk Boys got better at filming as time went on. Which is expected.

Each video inside Circle Jerk Boys comes with an image set. The latest videos come with digital stills which are sized at an average of 1280×1920. These are of good quality and capture the action quite well, but can be a bit repetitive. Zip files and slideshows are available for the photo galleries.

While Circle Jerk Boys is an older site and no longer updates, it is certainly still a great gay porn site to check out. Besides, members also get full access to 6 more sites on the same porn network. Which means well over 1000 more videos. Circle Jerk Boys was one of the hottest gay porn sites on the net in it’s day and for good reason. Many of the men are stunning, well hung and sometimes don’t even come across as amateurs because they can suck cock and/or fuck man ass so well. This is a good site for hardcore gay porn fans.