The concept of Mormon Missionaries engaged in smoking hot gay sex with their fellow peers is quite an erotic thing, don’t you think? We sure do. Mormon Boyz has been around for a while now, taking a hiatus for a bit but re-emerging as the only site of it’s kind. Conservative looking these men may be, but when the clothes come off and the cocks get hard, there’s a lot more to them than one might expect if they showed up at your door. Read on for more.

Mormon Boyz features highly erotic acting, ranging from solo masturbation shoots to mutual suck and fuck scenarios. Mormon Elders make up the gist of the site, with many being quite good looking and decently or well endowed. All have an innocent, conversative look to them, which certainly adds to the subject matter and action at hand.

There are currently 460 exclusive videos inside Mormon Boyz, with 2 being added each week. They are not listed by their dates, but doing some math we were able to figure out that new videos are indeed coming in regulary.

The action is captured well in the videos, with the latest boasting HD quality at a screen resolution of 1920×1080. The older videos, sized at 1280×720, aren’t shot as well and carry a much more amateur feel to them. Again, from solo jerking off to all-out man hole fucking, we get to see some very hard-on inspiring scenes featuring hot Mormon men. All videos are available for download, as well as streaming in a browser.

With each video is a set of digital stills. The older videos come with screen captures. The galleries have gotten better over time, as has the quality of the images. They capture the action pretty well, for those like to keep images to view regularly. Slideshows are available, however, download zlip files are not.

One would be hard pressed to come up with a more unique concept for a gay porn site than featuring Mormon men. As I checked out the site and wrote this review I pondered how incense real Mormon Elders may be knowing they are represented in such a debaucherous manner. It adds even more eroticism to the idea, don’t you think?

Is Mormon Boyz worth a look inside? Most definitely. If the concept is irresistable to you then we highly recommend picking up a memberhship and going on a trip to the incredibly sinful place that is Mormon Boyz. Good site at a decent price!