Raging Stallion has been around since 1999 and while they have always been about DVD production, they have always had a website where members can access scenes from their full DVDs for a membership fee. So, needless to say, the videos inside Raging Stallion are for streaming only. Unless one is willing to buy the full DVD. Things have always been this way, so there really can’t be any complaints. Especially considering the fantastic gay porn they have been responsive for filming for over 18 years at this point.

Raging Stallion has always been about men’s men. Rugged, sometimes hairy, always muscular and very masculine. They prefer nothing but and so do the fans of their DVDs. As would be expected, the content has gotten better over the years and they now boast some of the finest quality videos and DVDs available in the gay porn business. They have locked up the knack for creating interesting scenarios and settings for their films as well. From prison settings to dungeon type storylines, including some hardcore fetish content, it can all be found at Raging Stallion.

It goes without saying that Raging Stallion have accumulated a huge amount of content over the years. The current video count is 1948 videos, available for streaming from within a browser, but also available for download and/or mail delivery via the full DVD. New videos are updated three times per week, so the catalog continues to grow on a regular basis. Quite often, a scene is broken up into different parts and provided to members in that format. The storylines do stay various though, which keeps things interesting. Streaming went well for me, buffering quite fast and without issues.

Raging Stallion has always provided digital images of their video action. The quality has gotten better over the years, with the latest additions coming at a size of 1280×1920. Anywhere from 5 to 150 images make up a gallery, which can be downloaded in zip files and/or viewed in slideshows. The action is captured well and they get better at it as the years go by.

For those who have been into gay porn for a long time, Raging Stallion is not an unfamiliar studio. They have definitely made their bones in the industry and don’t seem to be slowing down as far as providing new content. Potential members should keep in mind the pre-checked offer on the sign-up page, but that is the only issue I found with signing up with them. You may also receive emails from them, but that has become part and parcel with joining any porn site these days.

For some of the finest, hardcore, masculine men related gay porn on the net today, Raging Stallion stands among the top. For those who want to have the videos on their computers or in a DVD format for private viewing, that option is available as well.