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Mormon Boyz

The concept of Mormon Missionaries engaged in smoking hot gay sex with their fellow peers is quite an erotic thing, don’t you think? We sure do. Mormon Boyz has been around for a while now, taking a hiatus for a bit but re-emerging as the only site of it’s kind. Conservative looking these men may […]

Next Door Ebony

Next Door Ebony is one of the few, good gay porn sites which focuses on black men. And these black men are indeed hot. Imagine lots of muscle, some tattoos and the closest you can get to a black hunk and there you have it. Next Door Ebony is part of the Next Door World […]

Scary Fuckers

Scary Fuckers features men that one might be a bit leery of while walking down the street. For instance, skin heads or large, muscular, intimidating types. They do a good job of picking their models, with most of them being pretty scary looking guys. Not in an ugly sense though. Most are quite good looking […]

Raging Stallion gay porn review
Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion has been around since 1999 and while they have always been about DVD production, they have always had a website where members can access scenes from their full DVDs for a membership fee. So, needless to say, the videos inside Raging Stallion are for streaming only. Unless one is willing to buy the […]

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