Men Over 30 was one of the first, if not the first, gay porn sites to feature older men. Some may think 30 isn’t ‘older’, but in the world of gay porn, it is. Besides, some of the guys ranged into their late 40’s and they are still very fit and hot. This all being said, masculinity is to be expected inside Men Over 30 and that’s certainly what we see. Many of the men are quite well endowed as well. From smooth to hairy, bearded or not, these mature studs are on the site to deliver. Men Over 30 still offers a new video each week after all these years and the quality has gotten better with each year.

While all the men inside Men Over 30 are fit, they aren’t all big and muscular. Although we do see a fair amount of muscular studs. Being hot is all that counts and if they have an extra large endowment between their legs, even better. Which many do. One of the things I personally find interesting about Men Over 30 is that many of the bottoms are the power variety. So sometimes we don’t know who is going to fuck whom. There are some solo scenes in earlier videos, but the majority of the latest scenes are duos, threesomes and group action.

The current video count inside Men Over 30 is 624, which are all exclusive to the site and available for download and streaming. There are no DRM restrictions on Men Over 30 videos. The most recent videos are available at a size of 1920×1080 and a bitrate of 7Mbps. So the quality is quite high. The action is captured very well and gets better with each year. All the closeup dick-in-man-ass action and big cum shots are shown in a highly erotic manner. Downloads came in quick for me and streaming was seamless.

Each video inside Men Over 30 comes with a set of either video captures or digital stills. The caps are from older videos. The latest images average at a size of 1280×1920 and are of good quality. There are several images for each set, which can make them repetitive, but they can be downloaded via zip files and viewed in a slideshow.

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