Gay porn star Collin O’Neal started World of Men years ago and while he did sell it before leaving the business for good, it has continued to live on through it’s current owners. Collin set out to create a gay porn site which featured all types of men. From cute, twink types to masculine men and even to bears, one can find just about any type of guy inside this site. Not to mention some bareback fucking as well. World Of Men is an interesting site and while their updates are a bit hard to pin down, with 802 permanent, semi-exclusive videos to get off on there is a lot to take advantage of.

As stated above, World Of Men offers members access to 802 semi-exclusive videos. This essentially means some are exclusive to the website, while some aren’t. The scenarios vary, as do the men. From outdoor duos and threesomes, to a bit of kink, role play and bareback fucking, there is something for everyone inside World Of Men. The videos can only be streamed. The videos are not listed by the dates they were added to the site, so the update schedule is unknown.

World Of Men does not contain images of any kind. To be fair, it would have been nice to see some. The action would have been captured well in them, we believe. World Of Men has a good amount of content to offer and while some of the older videos aren’t stellar quality, most are pretty good. The site was created several years ago and sometimes it’s age shows.

This all being said though, World Of Men does update regularly several times per week. We just don’t know when. Which adds a bit of mystique and thrill to things, don’t you think? Hot content, lots of it and quite a ton to get off on. Check out World Of Men!