Falcon Studios has been providing gay porn for more than thirty years now and don’t seem to be ready to stop any time soon. Which is great for us. They have undergone several model type and format changes over that time and now boast seven DVD labels. These are Falcon, Mustang, Jocks, Falcon International, Str8Men and Falcon Edge. Here, they have put everything together into one huge site. One thing Falcon Studios has continued to do over the long haul is set the standard for men in the gay porn industry. Whatever Falcon feels are the hottest men in the business, other sites seem to follow suit.

Describing the models at Falcon Studios is rather difficult, as they range so dramatically in appearance and body type. Muscle has always definitely been a big part of their menu, but over the years they have flaunted men with mustaches, hairy men and muscle bears, smooth studs, more slender hunks, cowboys and much more. Needless to say, there are men inside Falcon Studios for every taste. To sum things up, the men appear to range in age within their twenties and thirties. While muscle is certainly part of the package, not every guy is totally buff. Being fit is a prerequisite to be on this site though, no doubt of that.

Due to Falcon Studios’ longevity in providing gay porn, they boast a library of gay porn action that varies significantly. There are only a few niches you won’t find on their site, such as BDSM or piss related scenes. Other than that, there is something for everyone inside. Even some pre-condom classic, which involved bareback fucking. Back when condoms weren’t really ‘necessary’, for lack of a better term. The settings for duo and group cock sucking and ass fucking vary. From outdoor scenes to warehouses, hotel rooms and anywhere else one can think of to get into some hardcore man on man sex.

Over the past 5 years Falcon Studios has merged with a few other studios. Namely, Raging Stallion and Hot House Entertainment. With all three studios merged into one entity, there is a massive amount of content available on this site. The current video count as of the writing of this review is 2772. With three new videos being added every week. So it goes without saying that there is certainly no shortage of porn to get off on here.

It is worth mentioning of course that the videos at Falcon Studios are streaming only. Some may not like that, but it must also be said that any scene can also be purchased through the DVD it came from. Some of these DVDs are true classics, so adding them to a porn library is a good idea, in our opinion.

Due to Falcon Studios’ length of time producing porn, one must keep in mind that the older videos are not the greatest quality. After all, HD video has only been around for so long. To true gay porn aficionados though, this is irrelevant. And the action certainly makes up for the lack of quality that may be there. These guys are hungry for cock and man ass and that has been consistent throughout the past 30+ years.

Along with streaming videos, Falcon Studios also provides image galleries, which are made up of either video captures or digital stills. The most recent stills are of quite good quality, boasting and average size of 1280×1920. As it is with the videos, the image quality depends on the era. The oldest captures average in size at about 475×690. Approximately 5 to 20 images make up each set, with downloadable zip files and slideshows available for viewing.

To anyone who has been a fan of gay porn for a long time, Falcon Studios is a household name. And they want to keep it that way. True, the streaming only option can be a drag for some people, but for those who appreciate classic gay porn at it’s finest, it may not be an issue. Be aware of the pre-checked offer on the sign-up page, and the trial memberships are limited. Other than that, Falcon Studios continues to be one of the best and biggest providers of gay porn in the industry. Even after 30+ years. That is impressive.