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Mormon Boyz

The concept of Mormon Missionaries engaged in smoking hot gay sex with their fellow peers is quite an erotic thing, don’t you think? We sure do. Mormon Boyz has been around for a while now, taking a hiatus for a bit but re-emerging as the only site of it’s kind. Conservative looking these men may […]

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Bear Films

Bear Films is the best you will ever get when it comes to genuinely big, hairy men. And we mean big. While most other sites concentrate on the buff, hunk types, Bear Films has been offering up fat, furry men for a lot of years now. The exlusive video count is currently sitting at 569 […]

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Men Over 30

Men Over 30 was one of the first, if not the first, gay porn sites to feature older men. Some may think 30 isn’t ‘older’, but in the world of gay porn, it is. Besides, some of the guys ranged into their late 40’s and they are still very fit and hot. This all being […]

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Fisting Central gay porn site review

Fisting Central

Fisting is a fetish that isn’t for everyone, which means there aren’t a lot of sites that cater to it. Thankfully, Fisting Central is still around, providing hardcore fans with some great HD quality videos and updating on a regular basis. Fisting Central is the real deal, rife with intense handballing action, leather, muscular and […]

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