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ChaosMen gay porn site review
Chaos Men

ChaosMen has got to be one of the best sites out there for all the pretty boys doing the naughty things we’re always thinking about. ChaosMen isn’t one of those overpriced and sleezy sites where they take just any desperate model off the street and then film them in someone’s basement apartment with a $40 […]

Men Over 30

Men Over 30 was one of the first, if not the first, gay porn sites to feature older men. Some may think 30 isn’t ‘older’, but in the world of gay porn, it is. Besides, some of the guys ranged into their late 40’s and they are still very fit and hot. This all being […]


Several years ago a Montreal, Canada native named Pascal decided to shoot amateur guys jerking off on video. The problem was, most of the guys were straight and/or didn’t want to reveal their faces. So he came up with the idea of putting masks on the models’ faces. Hence, Maskurbate was born. It really is […]

Next Door Ebony

Next Door Ebony is one of the few, good gay porn sites which focuses on black men. And these black men are indeed hot. Imagine lots of muscle, some tattoos and the closest you can get to a black hunk and there you have it. Next Door Ebony is part of the Next Door World […]

Scary Fuckers

Scary Fuckers features men that one might be a bit leery of while walking down the street. For instance, skin heads or large, muscular, intimidating types. They do a good job of picking their models, with most of them being pretty scary looking guys. Not in an ugly sense though. Most are quite good looking […]

Visconti Triplets

European studs Joey, Jason and Jimmy Visconti noticed a number of years ago that there were no gay porn sites which focused on triplets, so they created Visconti Triplets. Being of Hungarian descent, the Visconit Triplets feature men mostly from that area of the world. So we see lots of big, uncut cocks and of […]


Boyz Party features models of the twink, amateur and young jock variety. The twinks are lean and cute, the jocks more muscular and lean. Many are quite well hung though and love to jerk off, suck cock and fuck or get fucked. Latino men can be found within the mix as well. Boyz Party doesn’t […]

Circle Jerk Boys gay porn review
Circle Jerk Boys

Circle Jerk Boys helped start the ‘straight guys jerking off’ gay porn site trend back in 2003. So they’ve been around for some time now. While they no longer update, they were producing new content until 2014. So there are more than 540 videos to take advantage of. The men are amateurs when they first […]

Extra Big Dicks gay porn site review
Extra Big Dicks

Extra Big Dicks has been around for a long time now and have always delivered good sized cocks to gay porn fans worldwide. Some men are larger than others, of course, but there isn’t a cock smaller than 8 inches on the site. At least, not that I could find. So size fans need not worry. Most of the men with these big cocks…

Cock Virgins gay porn site review
Cock Virgins

Cock Virgins focuses on amateur gay porn stars playing cock ‘virgins’. Seeing the size of the dicks these guys take on, it’s a good bet they aren’t actual virgins. But we can fantasize, can’t we? Cock Virgins appears to be a site that was off to a good start, but stopped at 55 videos. Now, that may seem like a drag, but the men…

Straight Boys Fucking gay porn review
Straight Boys Fucking

There aren’t a lot of decent bisexual, guy-guy-girl sites out there and while Straight Boys Fucking no longer updates, the scenes are quite hot when it comes to bisexual threesomes and group scenarios. One might want to know how we really know these guys are straight. Well, they suck cock and stroke each other off […]

Club Inferno Dungeon gay porn site review
Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon has been offering fans of gay fisting porn some of that best action in this category for several years now. As would be expected, the men are masculine, most are quite muscular and they have very few limits when it comes to hardcore man hole exploring. From fisting to anal stretching, including […]

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